Have you considered Refurbished Hardware?


We know you should. No, not of the kind like on the picture here. That is just editorial humour for you.

Is Refurbished Hardware, compliant? Definitely.

Do you need more and better hardware? Definitely. Regardless of the “just put it on the Cloud”, not-an-advice. Definitely.

Need more facts? Please see this very good article from IT PRO,


google gdpr
google gdpr solution materializes

Microsoft Office 365 and Azure have GDPR related features and mechanisms implemented and available for several month now. Google admins and users wishing to implement GDPR solutions, have been left to wait until today. That is very late.

So, Dear Google Administrator

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GDPR : Clean up your mailbox

This post is made for very large portion of business population. We are talking about 90% here. Companies with very small number of desktops.

It this is you please read on. You are (very likely) using Office (365 or not). And you are categorized as SME , and thus very likely, you have no services of this mythical creature called: Administrator.

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