How to connect Thunderbird to your Exchange Email


In case you find youself to be an “advanced” email practitioner, then you are likely an avid user of ThunderBird (TB) email client.

In which case it is logical to expect you do know how to connect the TB to “anything”. But there is one small gotcha.

ThunderBird uses so called “Mozilla ISP database” where details of large number of email servers are stored so that your connecting experience is smooth and usually “automatic”. But alas there is no Office365 Exchange email server in that database, as of time of this writing which is February 2015. And alas again, ThunderBird thinks you want to connect to system. Which decidedly is not Office365 system.

So in that case you will click on that “Manual Config” button. And you will be presented with the dialogue as bellow and you will fill it in with values as bellow.

Values for connecting ThunderBird with O365 Exchange Email
Values for connecting ThunderBird with O365 Exchange Email

Obviously you will type in your user name, address and password. Not mine.

Note: click on each image to see it in full size.

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