Troubleshooting Outlook connectivity to Exchange Online

Before You begin

It is very likely you are here because you have a real problem and you need a real help. So, before you begin let us quickly check that you know your user name and password.  That is your Office365 credentials.

You local Outlook installation might be in the limbo, thus you can not rely on it. Not to worry. Just please click on the link bellow.

This opens your favorite browser and you see in front of you, good old user name & password little dialogue.


type in your user name, password and click “Log In”. If all is dandy and fine you will receive , so called JSON messages in a file, called messages.json. This is coming straight from the mail server containing all your inbox items. If either user name or password are wrong Authentication dialogue will pop-up again. You know the drill.

So we know that you have your Office365 account, you know you credentials and server is there and functions properly.

Now that you have established your credentials please proceed.

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Using either “cracked” Windows or “cracked” Office 2010, 2007 or 2013, will inevitably lead into the strange universe where things do behave in most peculiar ways. And where one can easily loose oneself. Therefore the procedures explained bellow might not yield any meaningful results, in case you choose that path.

Before using Office 365 with your local Windows and/or Office installations, please make sure they are both registered AND activated.

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